Joey Hodge, better known "Sick" Jack Williams is an American backyard wrestler for Indiana based Junior Semi Pro Wrestling and midwest-based Midwest Wrestling Association. Joey is a 2-time Spencer Wrestling Association Heavyweight Champion, One time AEKW Heavyweight Champion and a former S.W.A. Hardcore Champion.

S.W.A(Spencer Wrestling Association)Edit

Jack Williams debuted in the S.W.A in 2010 by defeating the Innovator Of Extreme by way of knockout.

He then went on at the first ever Night Of Glory to win the first ever S.W.A Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat Trashcans, Ladders and Chairs match to defeat Screamer. At Front Yard War he defeated Screamer in a rematch to retain the Championship. He faced I.O.E at Slam At School and won via pinfall. At Remember This Night, he faced his brother, "Rush" Ryan WIlliams in a S.W.A Heavyweight Championship match, losing after suffering an injury to his quad that would sideline him for 2 months. He suprisingly returned and cleared the ring after Ryan Williams beat I.O.E at All For One. S.W.A was beginning to grow, and at Tournament of Violence, Jack Williams beat Rush Ryan Williams Twice, and Screamer once to become the Tournament Of Violence Champion, therefor becoming the Hardcore Champion. He wrestled Screamer at To The Death and pinned him after a Jack Splash. He then defeated Kirk Taylor at BREAK OUT, and then at what would end up being S.W.A's final show, he defeated best friend I.O.E with a deathmatch driver.

M.W.A .Edit

After S.W.A. closed its doors, Jack Williams(Joey H. in real life) went on as a cagefighter, and accumilated a 14-1-1 record. He returned at M.W.A X "We Are The Outcasts" and lost in a triple threat match against Adam Black and Mike Creston. Jack Williams was thrown around and was suplexed on his head, and thrown violently off the base. This led to King BW nicknaming Jack Williams "Ziggles". Jack Williams went on to lose to Awesome Intentions at M.W.A Jorge's Revenge, teaming with Tommy Tenacious. He was also the first to be eliminated in a triple threat elimination match, with Tristian Parker and the eventual winner Mayhem. Then he went home and got an earful from one pissed off father.


Joey then went on to create Junior Semi Pro Wrestling, alongside Dante Nullen and Mikael Vista.