Midwest Wrestling Alliance
MWA New Logo II
Established April 23, 2011
Acronym MWA
Creators Tristian Parker, General Joe
Federations 6


The Midwest Wrestling Alliance (MWA) is a regional backyard wrestling alliance in Midwestern United States. It was created by Tristian Parker and General Joe, but has since been ran by a board of directors. 


The MWA was created by Tristian Parker (then known as The Prototype) and General Joe on April 23, 2011 in Crawfordsville, IN. At this inaugural show the team of General Joe, Jason Witzel, and The Prototype (The UnKnown) won the MWA Tag Team Championships, the first MWA titles. 

May 2011 saw MWA 2, a much larger show that included a wider range of wrestlers from a wider range of federations. At this show, Mikee won a gauntlet match to become the first MWA Heavyweight Champion. 

MWA 3 became the first MWA show to be held outside of Indiana, this time in Quincy, IL. The next month, MWA 4 was held in Chicago, IL, and MWA 5 saw a return to Crawfordsville. Since then, MWA shows have rotated between the three cities. 

MWA is part of the GBYWN and has hosted the GBYWN Midwest and Great Lakes titles, although these have been combined with MWA titles in an effort to legitmize the GBYWN by decreasing its amount of championships. MWA has also seen several guest wrestlers known for their involvement in GBYWN, including Rad Hazard, The Pen Name, and Brock Obama. 


These federations have announced themselves as parts of MWA and their wrestlers have participated in MWA events. 

  • Pennsylvania
    • ​Hardcore Wrestling Corporation (HWC)
  • Wisconsin
    • ​Ronus' Championship Wrestling (RCW)

MWA Hall of FameEdit

A MWA Hall of Fame has been announced, and induction of members will begin in 2013.


Current Championships: Wrestler: Date Won: Defeated: Location:
MWA Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Steeples
TJ Austin
Chicago, Illnois
MWA Mid-Card Championship
Hell Razor
Chicago, Illinois