NBYWA 9: On The Fly
NBYWA 9 Logo Small
Promotion None
Date September 1, 2013
Venue NBYWA Arena
Location Center Line, Michigan
NBYWA Supershow chronology
NBYWA 9: On The Fly

NBYWA 9: On The Fly was a backyard wrestling supershow event operated by the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance that took place on September 1, 2013 in Center Line, Michigan. The event was the ninth NBYWA supershow.


What was originally planned to be a revival of Hybrid Championship Wrestling, owner RPK decided not to do it. After a short time thinking of what the promotion and name of the show would be, it was decided by Skull Jr. that it would be the ninth of the NBYWA numbered supershows and called "NBYWA 9: On The Fly" to reflect the circumstances involved.

Participating WrestlersEdit

  • Skull Jr. (representing Total Hardcore Wrestling).
  • RPK (representing All-Out Championship Wrestling).
  • The Demon (representing Total Hardcore Wrestling).
  • "Wild Man" Dan (representing All-Out Championship Wrestling).
  • Jeff Gates (representing All-Out Championship Wrestling).
  • Eric Castle (representing Ann Arbor Xtreme Wrestling).
  • Coalt Williams (representing Total Hardcore Wrestling).
  • The Wrangler (representing Hybrid Championship Wrestling).
  • Ofr Odinson (representing All-Out Championship Wrestling).