Waveland Championship Wrestling Entertainment is a backyard wrestling fed from Waveland, Indiana and was created by youtube group BadGamingProduction. It was created to have fun and in hopes to travel all over and get to meet new people and make new friends. It's main founders are Austin Michael (who is a part of the indy fed Hoosier Championship Wrestling) and Sam Burge (formerly known as Hatred). It also features former NTDW Grand Champion TANK

The Beginning of CollaborationEdit

In February of 2011, BadGamingProduction leader Austin Michael was invited by his friend, NTDW wrestler The Prototype (currently known as Tristan Parker in MWA), to "NTDW 41: The Only show with the number 41". Austin then became good friends with it's wrestlers (Brock Obama, Johnny Gunn, Marcus Maximus, and Exile). Austin became very interested on becoming a backyard wrestler. His efforts fell flat when he was told there was only 4 shows left before NTDW closed it's doors forever.

In March of 2012, Austin and his friend Sam Burge met up with their youtube group in hopes of starting up their own yard fed. The meeting was a success as two people in the group already were a part of a yard fed at one point and had plenty of experience and were going to be assests to the upcoming fed. These two were Aaron Creek (who was in NTDW as TANK and was a NTDW Grand Champion) and Sam Burge (who created HBWF 3 years prior and was HBWF World Champion). The fed was given the name Waveland Championship Wrestling Entertainment (WCWE).

Later, in June 2013, the ring materials have been found and roster had been confirmed. The first show of the new fed will be around late July or the beginning of August.


Austin Michael - Austin "Leviathan" Michael: (2013-present)

Sam Burge - "Genocide Jack": (2013-present)

Aaron Creek - "D-Train": (2013-present)

Mike Gurney - "Lawn Boy": (2013-present)

Brandon Gurney - "Zack Shadows": (2013-present)

Landon Gibson - "Golden Locks": (2013-present)

Gary Brewster - "The Mad Scientist": (2013-present)

Justin Cook - "J.C.": (2013-present)

Jeff McKee - "Chaos": (2013-present)

Kyle Adams - "Vincent Blaze": (2013-present)

Brian Guererro - "Brian": (2013-present)

Robert Dennemon - Jakaro Mika'karuso (2013-present)

Trevor Craig - "Traig": (2013-present)